Project Management

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The IMPACT Justice Project is being implemented through a committee system.

  • The Project Steering Committee approves the Project Implementation Plan, Annual Workplans and Budgets. It is chaired by a representative of the Canadian Government  and the Principal of the UWI Cave Hill Campus.
  • The Management Committee reviews areas of collaboration between IMPACT Justice and other Canadian-funded justice sector projects in the region.
  • Technical Advisory Groups or TAGs provide the opportunity for project partners, stakeholders and civil society, to make an input in the planning and implementation of IMPACT Justice activities.  From 2017-2018 there are three TAGs instead of five, which are:
    • a Legislation and Treaty Drafting TAG;
    • a Legal Profession and Education TAG;
    • an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) TAG.

The IMPACT Justice Regional Project Director is Professor Velma Newton.

Professor Velma Newton, Regional Project Director, IMPACT Justice Project

The Project Implementation Team is made up of some full-time and part-time staff members who are:

  • Project Officers 
  • A Project Assistant (Accounts)
  • A Project Assistant (Administration)
  • A Gender Specialist