Certificate Presentation Ceremony for Newly Trained Restorative Practitioners

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BRIDGETOWN – On October 26th, 2019 the Canadian Government funded Improved Access to Justice in the Caribbean (IMPACT Justice) Project, hosted a certificate presentation ceremony for 85 educators who successfully completed workshops on Restorative Practices Frameworks and the Use of Circles. These workshops were conducted at the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College, the Edna Nicholls Centre and the Daryll Jordan Secondary School.

At the ceremony, Regional Project Director of the IMPACT Justice Project, Professor Velma Newton, congratulated the educators, noting that they now joined a network of over 1000 persons already trained in the region through the IMPACT Justice Project. She stated that IMPACT Justice has focused on Restorative Practices as a means of addressing instances of bullying and violence in schools and that after the training sessions the newly qualified restorative practitioners should seek to have Restorative Practices incorporated into their school settings so they could help to address some of the issues in their respective schools.

Professor Newton also stated that within the coming months, the Project will be moving to have a meeting of all Restorative Practitioners in Barbados to select a new executive for the Network of Restorative Practitioners formed in 2017. She stated that after this meeting, the Project also hoped to host a Regional Conference at which Restorative Practitioners from all IMPACT Justice implementation countries can meet to share success stories and raise further awareness about the initiative and how it can help to repair fractured relationships and reintegrate troubled students into the school community.

Dr. Patricia Saul, Principal of the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College and a Restorative Practitioner, spoke at the event and expressed support for the initiative. She also announced that the College will be incorporating Restorative Practices into its offerings and plans to facilitate 2 certificate level courses each year during the Easter Holiday.

Other speakers at the event included Ms. Patricia Warner, Restorative Practices Trainer and Senior Education Officer, who spoke on the future of the Restorative Practices Programme in Barbados and Mr. Michael Toppin, Teacher of the Daryll Jordan Secondary School who delivered the vote of thanks on behalf of the graduates.

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