Legislation and Treaty Drafting

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IMPACT Justice has  completed the following pieces of  model legislation at the request of governments of CARICOM Member States:

  • Model Arbitration Bill (UNCITRAL approved);
  • Model Business Names Registration Bill;
  • Model Climate Resilience Enforcement Agency for Dominica (CREAD) Bill;
  • Model Community Mediation Bill;
  • Model Legal Profession Bill;
  • Model Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) Bill;
  • Model OECS Judicial Pensions Bill;
  • Model Sexual Harassment Bill; and
  • Model Trade Marks Bill.

In addition, the Project has drafted amendments to the Antigua and Barbuda Sexual Offences Act and has provided new Regulations for a Sexual Offences- National Sex Offender Register. The Project is also assisting Belize with legislation for the establishment of a regime for civil asset recovery.

In addition, the following reports were completed by the Project:

  • Report on an OECS Accreditation Project;
  • A Legislative Review on Bail Acts in the CARICOM Region;
  • Report on the Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments;
  • Report on CDEMA Model Disaster Management Legislation;
  • Report on Company Law in the CARICOM Region;
  • Report on the Status of Family Law;
  • Report on Interpretation Acts;
  • Report on Employment Law Focusing on the Rights of Domestic Workers;
  • Report on Juries Legislation in the CARICOM Region;
  • Report on Rationalising of OECS Legislative Procedures;
  • Review of Business Names Legislation;
  • Review of Trade Marks Legislation;  and
  • Review of CCJ Appellate Jurisdiction Rules 2015 and the Original Jurisdiction Rules 2017.

The Project is increasing the number and skills of legislative drafters in the region by:

  • Sponsoring students to take post-graduate gender-sensitive courses on legislation and treaty drafting;
  • Supporting an LL.B. introductory legislative drafting course (activity concluded in Year 3);
  • Sponsoring drafters to receive training in consolidation of laws; and
  • Preparing and circulating manuals on (a) Treaty law, negotiation and drafting, (b) the preparation of drafting instructions, and (c) drafting styles and practices.